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Nunu, Thai fu' girl lives in Bay Area, California, who ships MakoHaru(Free!) DinoHiba(Reborn!) etc. I'm not native English speaker. Nice to meet you.
***//Drawing CG Short comic Doujinshi//***

Free! Kitsune AU - MakoHaru 2 

 | extra-Rintori

I started drawing it before Free! ES is on air. It’s infamous AU but I love to draw it. Animal ears are so cute! I want to draw some sweet moment of the main pairing since Rintori already have their sweet moment. >w<

BTW, the sweet makoharu for my beloved friend, miyakuli.


because i was bored and i like makoto’s shoulders.

"They’re cocoa flavoured rice balls!"

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(Chapter 3)

The scan of the illustration is from sunyshore. This is also the chapter that has the scene portrayed on the full color spread in it.

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about the perfect harmony thing

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Nooooo Nunu that’s so sad please draw the sweet makoharu moment that comes after that ;w; !!! **this last panel of makoto omg I love it but it hurts me too xp**

My next mini manga is not about the moment after that, but it’s so fluff and sweet. Maybe it can heal your heart.(っ>ڡ<c)

If I have some plot in my head, I will definitely draw it for you.XD

It’s sort of spoiling, so I post it undercut If you haven’t read "the beach scene" yet.

I hesitated to post these. They are so rough and messy. I drew it when I was in the bed. But here they are. I got hard time to translate this to English. I hope you guys get what I want to convey.”OTL

It’s just my…um imagination, so don’t be serious. It’s not official.

Anyway, enjoy reding it…


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Denial Fujoshi’s problem…

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