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    More Future Fish au !! Makoharu’s First Wedding Anniversary because it is also my blog’s first anniversary !! It’s the first time I have a blog for this long, it is really something to celebrate XD YAY !!!

    And so +10K THANK YOU for following my blog (with my makoharu life-ruining and unhealthy addiction) !!! and thank you for all your cute and sweet messages / tags, they really encourage and make me so happy  so let’s keep on loving makoharumako and expect more stupid comics about dorky sexy swimmer boys from me hehe 
    ✧  (=ㅎ.ㅎ=)  (= ´◡` =) ✧
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  3. (Source: chuchelyushechka)

「Free! ES」 poster in spoon.2Di vol.56>>2000 x 2572

    「Free! ES」 poster in spoon.2Di vol.56
    >>2000 x 2572

    (Source: tsukareteru-tako)

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I never want to eat the burger…


    I never want to eat the burger…

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    Nobunaga Shimazaki

    in Voice Animage Autumn 2014

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Sleeping Makoto (´ω`)


    Sleeping Makoto (´ω`)

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    Can I just give my two cents on this one.

    To Haruka, he and the water share a bond no person can ever hope to understand- intimate but based on respect.

    What I’ve noticed is that the water is like some sort of mirror. It shapes into form based on the feelings of whoever enters it’s territory.

    In this case. Haru.

    When Haru’s mind was clear and free of any doubts or insecurities, the water danced with him. Every swish, every splash collided with Haru’s movements. 

    And it was beautiful.

    But during the regionals…

    Haru was in darkness. So the water mirrored his heart.

    Because there was hesitation and fear…the water hesitated as well.

    Instead of syncing with Haru’s swimming, it became the chains that binded Haru to a hault.

    And so Haru stopped. 

    And the chains were no more.

    It was almost like the water itself wanted to tell Haru…

    "You’re heart is not Free"

    "That’s enough, Haru"

    "Don’t struggle anymore"

  10. http://judalbaby.tumblr.com/post/96072403265/i-really-dont-want-haru-to-go-pro-just-because →


    I really don’t want Haru to go pro, just because he has “talent”. One of the most talented pop-art artist I’ve known is only doing art in his leisure time. He does another slow-paced work to earn money, goes home soon, cooks dinner and enjoys his time with his “talent”. He totally loves it. His…