1. Just for fun…

  2. fuck-a-unicorn:

    Cupid & Shouka for me THIS IS MAKOHARU! ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)

  3. girlwiththewhiterabbit:

    makoto didn’t make it to the exam due to severe blood loss

    actually in the first sketch i did, haru’s pose was too seductive that i couldn’t finish it due to pure embarrassment (⊙﹏⊙✿) 

  4. High Speed! 2: Chapter 11 - Believe


    (Chapter 10)

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  5. makochantachibanana:


    And if you say “I did it with an orca” we’re gonna have a huge problem on our hands XD

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  7. sunyshore:

    Big versions of the amazing original pinup art from the Free! Eternal Summer Official Fanbook coming out on 11/28.

    Makoto and Haruka especially looked so college-y before with those school bags and book yet no uniforms, and now…!

    I love Rin’s Louis Vuitton.

  8. tatsudai:

    uh yeah. yeah doodled this real quick because… yeah /drowns in my own tears bye

  9. racyue:

    Free! Eternal Summer is over but my love for this show is not ! Makoharu will always and forever be together ~ Makoharu Eternal Love is just beginning ~

    So cute~